Tips on email productivity and workflow automation.

An alias allows you to seamlessly point from an email address A to an address B. They are a really powerful way to create additional email addresses.

Your Mailscript address allows for an infinity of aliases:

  1. No domain setup. You just make
  2. You can add periods (just like in Gmail):
  3. You can also add +:
  4. You can create aliases:
  5. You can add as many as you'd like

Aliases can save a lot of time ⏲

  • A dedicated address for newsletters (that you can then use for snoozing or summarizing)
  • An address for your GitHub registration (that you can filter from your inbox, and create automations against)
  • One for all your invoices and receipts (to save them in your Google Drive)

You can even create group aliases!

  • An engineering@ address that points messages to everyone in the team

How to create a Mailscript alias via the CLI

Step 1: Create a Mailscript address:

  • Open up your CLI and install Mailscript: npm install -g mailscript
  • You will login to create a username: mailscript login (this will open up the browser and ask you to login or create an account)

Once you have a Mailscript account, you can create a user. This could be for a team project, or for yourself. Let's create a user called!

Step 2: Create an alias action:

Once you have create a user you can add aliases like this:

mailscript addresses:add --address

First, we create the alias action.

Then, we create a workflow by:

  • Giving it a name
  • Saying which Mailscript address to use
  • What trigger to use as a condition. Here, we say that every email that lands at should trigger this workflow. But you could create more complex triggers, such as "to this address, from this address, and has attachments"
  • What alias to use. Here we're using the action created above ("email-alias-to-external-address"). This makes it easy to reuse the alias in other workflows.

Bonus step: Create a team inbox:

Claim an address for engineering on your subdomain:

mailscript addresses:add --address

Set forward actions to external (existing) addresses:

mailscript actions:add \
  --name forward-to-alice \
  --forward \

mailscript actions:add \
  --name forward-to-jane \
  --forward \

mailscript actions:add \
  --name forward-to-brigit \
  --forward \

mailscript actions:combine \
  --name forward-to-team \
  --action forward-to-alice \
  --action forward-to-jane \
  --action forward-to-brigit

Setup a workflow to redirecting incoming emails at to your team:

mailscript workflows:add \
  --name "redirect to team" \
  --action forward-to-team

Get in touch 🙌

That's all you need to start creating aliases! Signups are open now. We'd love to hear about how you've setup yours. Please drop us an email at, join our Discord or reach us on Twitter!